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It is a proven fact that the look of a paper is as important as the content. The best-written paper will not get the grade it deserves if it is presented in a sloppy, slipshod manner. Conversely, poorly-written papers will sometimes earn better grades simply because they are formatted in a way that is pleasing to the eye.

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At we fully understand how much a paper's appearance can influence the viewpoint of teachers and professors and ultimately impact the grade. All our papers are meticulously formatted by editors who have a keen artistic eye and an inborn aesthetic sense, so that they combine style with substance. The formatting skills of our team of editors are so good that many of our customers have found it advantageous to hire us exclusively for this purpose.

Whatever kind of document you have written, from book reports to dissertations, our formatting service is exactly the solution you need for eye-catching, aesthetically pleasing content. We do not just tweak paragraphs and borders; we thoroughly examine your work and then thoughtfully find a way to seamlessly negotiate the interface between your literary content and our visual composition. Our formatting service is excellent and offered at a very reasonable price.

Editing counts!

It is not enough just to have a well-written academic paper; the style must match the substance. The content must be presented in such a manner that the sheer aesthetics takes your breath away! There are certain parameters that matter in this stylistic arrangement:
  • Proper organization of content
  • Paragraph and sentence arrangement and structure
  • Suitable phrasing and diction that matches the content
  • Logical flow of content to synchronize with the argument/subject of the academic paper
  • Accurate punctuation, quotations, citations, footnotes and other additions
  • Evaluation, authentication and credibility of all source material

Whatever your project is, we have your formatting needs covered. Our private IM service allows you to communicate with the editor in charge of formatting your document so that you can get the customized formatting you desire and we also provide a 24/7 support line for your convenience. Try us out and see for yourself!